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Am I legal to tow?

If you passed your test after January 1997, it is now a legal requirement that you hold a Category B+E licence to enable you to tow a trailer exceeding 750kg MAM (Maximum Authorised Mass), most horse boxes, caravans and some household trailers weigh this unloaded.

What does the training involve?

The training covers all areas of towing including on site manoeuvres that consists of reversing, un-coupling and re-coupling and on road training to develop your driving to a high standard and to fully prepare you for all aspects of towing. 


What does the car and trailer test involve?

The B+E test is similar to an LGV test. The examiner will assess both you off road manoeuvres and your on road driving ability. For further information please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01352 714344.

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