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What is Driver CPC?

Driver CPC is a qualification that was introduced in 2008 for PCV Drivers and 2009 for LGV Drivers. It is a legal requirement across the EU that all PCV and LGV drivers who want to drive professionally (unless the work is exempt), must hold their CPC. The aim is to improve road safety, recognise and accredit the knowledge and skills required to be a professional driver, ensure these are continually updated and to raise the status of drivers to promote driving as a career. Once you have successfully completed your CPC you will be issued with a Driver Qualification Card (DQC) to prove that you hold the qualification. Your CPC must be renewed every 5 years by sitting 35 Hrs of Periodic training, this will continue throughout your driving career.

Initial CPC qualification

The initial qualification is aimed at drivers who sat their car test after January 1997 and it is the first CPC you must sit, if you are becoming a professional driver. It has been divided into 4 modules to give you the option to obtain your vocational licence only or to gain Driver CPC at the same time. Pre 1997 drivers are eligible to sit the Initial CPC if they have never sat any CPC training before (subject to entitlement check).

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Theory Test - Multiple choice questions & hazard perception test

Case Studies

Practical Test

Driver CPC Practical Test - Vehicle safety demonstration






You can now sit your Module 4 test at our Holywell centre!


Periodic CPC Training: 

As a professional driver you will need to complete 35 Hrs of CPC Periodic training every 5 years. You can keep a check on your CPC hours by registering on the site using the following link;

I hold a PCV and LGV licence, do I need training for both?

If you hold both licences you will only need to complete one set of training every 5 years.

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