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Terms & Conditions


The Terms and Conditions will form a contract between the ‘Customer’ and ‘P and G Driver Training,’ known as the ‘company.’

01. Payment for course fees must be paid in full by the due date specified unless otherwise agreed in writing with the customer.
02. In the instance that the course fees are not paid by the due date, the company reserve the right to terminate the contract
with the customer. In this instance any money previously paid towards the course are non refundable.
03. ‘Due Date’ is the date specified on the invoice or reservation document or the day the course dates are allocated,
whichever is the sooner.
04. Upon payment of fees a receipt is issued which is non refundable or transferable. A receipt is proof of entitlement to any of
the company products or services. A receipt is valid for 12 months from issue date, any value ceases after expiry date.
05. All monies paid towards the course fees, as either deposits, part payments, balance payments or any form of instalment
payment are non refundable or transferable.
06. Subject to DVLA confirming in writing that a provisional licence has been refused on medical grounds all monies paid
(excluding medical fee & online training account fee if applicable) will be refunded.
07. If a training course is cancelled once course dates are given , all monies will be lost unless we are able to find a
replacement candidate to take the arranged dates. If the cancellation is due to medical reasons a doctors note will be required
that covers the entire training period.
08. If a deposit for a course is not paid by the requested date, the company holds the right to cancel any course / test.
09. The company will not be held responsible for any tests that are cancelled by the DVSA.
10. Should number (9) occur the customer will be liable to pay for any additional hours required.
11. In the event of a mechanical breakdown the company will  provide additional training, equal to the amount of time lost.
12. The company accepts no financial penalty. ie loss of wages etc in respect of conditions (9) (10) or (11).
13. The company reserve the right to terminate any customer whilst on the course, who they or their representatives consider
a danger to themselves or anyone else and proportion the fees charged accordingly.
14. Once the dates of the practical training / test have been confirmed any changes that the customer requires must be made
no less than 14 days before the course start date. If changes are made less than 14 days a short notice cancellation fee of £250

will be owed to cover the test and administration fees.
15. Retests are not included in course fees and are an additional cost.
16. In accordance with the consumer protection (distance selling) regulations 2000, where a program / course is booked
without face to face contact, a consumer may cancel a contract up until the expiry of a period of seven working days beginning
with the day after the day on which the contract is concluded. These regulations will only apply if you book a course by
telephone, fax, post or on the internet. They will not apply if you visit a training centre to book a course. The period of consumer
protection will be known as the cooling off period. Cancellations must be received in writing with proof of delivery (registered
post) to our office within seven days.
17. In accordance with the consumer protection (distance selling) (amendment) Regulations 2005 if the performance of the
contract has begun with the consumer agreement within the cooling off period described in term (16) the right to cancel ends
within the cooling off period. For clarity this means if the course training materials are sent to the customer immediately after
booking the course and use is made of them, the right to cancel ends at that point.
18. Customers must be in possession of all legal, valid  driving documents when on their training course. All company vehicles
are fully insured but there is a £250 excess. In the case of any accident or damage to the training vehicle or other vehicle
caused by the student they will be held liable for the excess charge. 
19. Customers who are considered by the company or their representatives to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will
have their course terminated and all their fees forfeited.
20. The company will not be held responsible for any loss of any personal items left in the vehicle or on company premises.
21. Should the company purchase a theory test and or practical driving test from the DVSA on behalf of the customer then these
are subject to the terms and conditions of the DVSA. If the DVSA increases any test fees after the customer has booked with us,
the customer must pay the amount of the increase.
22. The customer must produce the relevant forms of ID (valid UK Photo card licence) when sitting theory tests, practical tests,

CPC tests or training. Failure to do so will result in the customer being unable to sit the test / training and all fees will be forfeited.
23. The company will endeavour to arrange course dates required by the customer however no guarantee of availability can be
24. The company will endeavour to keep customers in the same vehicle for training as much as possible and will not unduly
transfer customers from vehicles except due to mechanical failure.
25. Should a student become ill while on their course any tuition not received will be given at a later date. Any test fee lost must
be reclaimed from the DVSA and is subject to their terms and conditions. A doctor’s certificate covering the days lost and the test
day must be provided.
26. Should there be a complaint by the customer for whatever reason it will be the responsibility of the management staff to deal
with the complaint fairly on behalf of the customer, provided it has been sent by recorded delivery within 7 days of the course
ending. No correspondence regarding complaints will be entered into after this time has elapsed.
27. The company will not be held responsible for any complaints regarding courses carried out with other training providers.
28. It will be the responsibility of the company to report any issues that may arise with government funded courses direct to the
awarding body.
29. All customers will be made aware of our terms and conditions which are readily available from our head office. All customers
are deemed to have read them before requesting our services or products.
30. All courses must be completed within 12 months from the date of a deposit being paid. After this time the contract expires
and any unused training is null and void. All deposits paid are non refundable.
31. All tests and medicals must be attended on time with the correct paperwork, failure to do will result in the test / medical
being cancelled and all fees paid will be forfeited.
32. All training must be attended on time, any training time missed will be lost unless we have been notified of late attendance
and are able to reschedule the hours to a later time.   
33. Document Last Updated 02/2010    

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